What’s your WHY?

There are many times when I ask myself why we took on this immense journey of adoption.  I’m sure there are those moments for you all!  When no matter how much you try to follow the therapeutic parenting route you just lose the plot and realise just how difficult parenting can be at times.  Of course it’s the same for parents with birth children – there are those days when parenting seems like such a crazy choose to make in life!

However, I’ve been considering recently the WHY in what we do with our kids. WHY did we feel the need to have a family in this way?  WHY do I want to make a difference to these children?  WHY does getting out of bed sometimes seem so difficult yet it has to be done….WHY, WHY, WHY?  I heard someone say recently – on a different theme but it’s stayed with me – that we all have big BUTS!!! Shock, horror I know you thought you didn’t BUT there are many times I know what I should be doing for my kids BUT I’m too tired, BUT it’s too difficult, BUT I don’t know what I’m doing, BUT what if they never appreciate it!

You get the picture – if our BUT is bigger than our WHY then we’re in trouble!

I know one of my WHY’s when it comes to our children.  I never thought myself a compassionate person before and I don’t think people would have described me as such BUT since I had our children compassion for them and their lives overwhelms me sometimes.  It keeps me trying to be persistently consistent with them. It drives me to learn more and help others learn more about our children and how we can help them.  In short it’s my WHY.

So my challenge today is to consider your WHY – are your BUTS too big and does the WHY need to be bigger for you?


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