Who looks after you? (Part 2)

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Tip Number One – Quietness

Quietness is a rarity these days. When you have three children descend on your quiet life it does inevitably create noise and chaos. Not that I’m complaining about that – but in order to stay sane there does need to be some times of peace, quiet and a chance to find that still point.

We are all so different – some of us need more quiet and alone time while others thrive on the hustle and bustle of big family life. Whichever you might be there’s still time needed to slow down and stop, especially on the adoption journey. Our kids have a chaotic, complicated life inside them and it’s important for them to be able to regulate that inner noise. The same is true for us.

Nancy Thomas, a renowned expert in the field of extreme trauma in children suggests that you need at least 20 minutes of quiet every day! No music, No TV, nothing! This may seem unachievable to some, but I have personally found it essential to keeping my own sanity.

Along these lines also is about finding that ‘still point’ inside when you can feel calm and centered. I’m not much into meditation and such, but since we’ve had our children I do find my need to really connect with peace a lot stronger.

So how can we do this? – Here are a few ways: -

Breathe… Yes breathe some more! We all know how to breathe don’t we? Well yes of course we do, but we tend to shallow breathe much of the time, we don’t really concentrate on our breathing, deep breaths so that our bodies can relax and our lungs can really fill up with air.

Try big, slow deep breaths. You will soon see the difference and feel the difference between shallow, short breaths and deep, long, slow breaths.

Be in the now. We spend much of our lives in the past or the future. In doing this we miss the calmness and peace of now.

Take a look around you right now – what do you see? What can you hear? Smell? Feel? In doing this again it slows you down, grounds you and allows you to connect with what’s happening right now. Each minute changes – the line you just read is in fact in the past.

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