An attitude of gratitude


I’ve found that sometimes it’s quite difficult to stay grateful. The times when you are so exhausted from trying to do the right thing with your children, when their issues are so great and consume your energy and thoughts, when you would just like to have a ‘normal’ day. Those times can make being thankful incredibly difficult. However, recently I’m beginning to see how amazing my children and actually my new life is now. 

We are coming up to 5 years next year of having our beautiful children with us and also 15 years of wedded bliss – well sometimes! Maybe that’s why these thoughts are becoming stronger in me. Or maybe it’s because I’ve spent time these last few months really going back to basics in my values and lifestyle. What is important to me? My faith, my family, friends, meaning, hope, being able to see how far I’ve come. If you read my blogs regularly you will know from my last blog ‘How deep is your guilt’ that my feelings of positivity are fleeting BUT I know that they are there as well as all the other feelings. 

The more you focus on the positive things the more positive you become yourself. Someone said recently, I can’t remember where, that sitting next to a healthy person i.e. someone who exercises a lot, eats well, sleeps well etc – just sitting next to them will not make you well. It won’t make you fit and healthy. However sitting next to a sick person may very well make you sick!

This makes me think of just how much I entertain the negative, unhealthy and damaging thoughts in my mind and the words of others too – that my situation will never change, that I am not doing any good with my children – in fact I’m doing more harm then good, that things are desperate and hopeless. If you entertain these thoughts and let them take root in your life they take over, consume your energies and in fact become a reality.

I’m not talking about ignoring the truth here but I am talking about seeing the positives instead of focusing on the challenges. When I look back over these 5 years there have been many times of challenge but if I just focused on that I would miss the real moments of joy, hope, peace, love, connection, belonging – all those moments come together to make a full life – the ups and the downs.

‘Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.’ Melody Beattie

So even though I know there may be many times of hardship – look to the good times too and the more thankful you can be the more good times you will see!

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