5th Anniversary of Adoption

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It is 5 years since we had our children placed with us and we are having a party tomorrow to celebrate. This week I’ve been mulling over the party coming up and the question going round my mind has been – why do I want to have this party?

To mark the occasion – as an adopter you don’t get much chance to celebrate openly with people – you don’t have baby showers or parties when baby arrives. You don’t get a chance to really celebrate the fact that you have become a family. 5 years is a big deal – not so much when you have your own children I guess but it feels like a milestone to us. For one thing it’s now the longest time the children have lived anywhere.

It also feels like the right time to celebrate. I am grateful for them and for our family. It’s not been easy to say the least – many times it’s taken me to breaking point but I know that it’s the right course in life for us. I know these children are my children. I feel protective towards them and want the best for them. I struggle sometimes to understand them and to meet the very overwhelming, powerful needs they have, but I want to keep trying to get it right and that gives me hope each day that we are doing something to help them.

I also want to share this celebration with friends and family – people who have been with us on this journey, whether from the start or people we’ve met along the way – ALL have played a part in supporting us and helping us to get to where we are right now. Without people around us the journey would be long, hard and unbearable.

The final reason I want this party is to celebrate adoption. Many times when you’re in the thick of adoption it can seem intense and difficult and not much fun, to be honest. This day is about finding the fun and the joy in adoption. I hope that will be the case for us and for those who attend. 

So I really hope this day will be a good day to remember. I pray that the children will not sabotage it due to the over-excitement of the event or that they’re not overwhelmed by the memories and feelings it brings up. They are very excited about it and the fact that many of their adopted friends are coming too is a bonus. It is important to celebrate this incredible journey, as often and as much as we can, as it is such a privilege to be involved in changing children’s lives, and many times the relentlessness of parenting traumatised children overshadows that. So today when you look at your children take a moment to celebrate where you’re at – it doesn’t have to be a big party but it could be just a smile and an ice-cream!

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