Christmas is all about gifts

Christmas is all about presents isn’t it? How many you have, how much people spend, whether so and so bought you a present or not? – No …… maybe not. I wonder if there’s more to gift giving and receiving then meets the eye. My favourite Christmas film is the Grinch and there’s a scene in there late on in the film where the Grinch realises that Christmas is more than gifts and the commercialism – it’s actually about love and family, hope, joy and peace.

I’ve come across a group recently called Pentatonix – they are an acappella group from America. They have a Christmas album out and their version of Little Drummer Boy is stunning – click the video below to hear. It’s made me think some more about what we give to each other and how we show how much we love our friends and family. It’s often said that it’s the thought that counts and I think that’s true – when you consider whether you will buy someone a gift or not you are thinking about them and what they mean to you. It shouldn’t be about ‘will they buy me a present or expect me to buy them one’ it should be more about do I want to show someone I care by giving them a gift.

The nature of the gift doesn’t matter. In the Little Drummer Boy he plays his drum for the King – fitting? – Definitely as it’s from the heart. He brings what he has and what he values and lays it before the king. With money being such an issue for people these days I think it’s given us more reason to really think about what we give others – hand-made presents are brilliant as they say that the person was thinking about you and went our of their way to do something nice for you.

As you get older you get less presents. It seems to be that we focus on the children when people say things like “christmas is for kids” – I understand where that sentiment comes from but I disagree. I believe Christmas is for us all and giving and receiving of gifts is for us all. Whilst I understand if you have five children it becomes difficult for people to afford to buy everyone a present – they don’t have to be expensive in fact gifts between people are brilliant too. I think it’s the act of thinking about the person and what to get them, taking the time and effort to buy or make the gift and the joy of giving and seeing  that person appreciate the gift that counts.

Another gift we can give each other of course is our time and talents. There are certain things we are good at and others we’re not. I have a Christmas do with some friends tomorrow and we’re doing a biscuit exchange as part of the evening, which means you all bake some biscuits and then give them to others. This is a brilliant idea unless you are culinary challenged as I am. Baking, actually any kind of cooking, is just not my gift and certainly not fit to give anyone. However if I received beautifully baked biscuits on Christmas day from someone I would be very pleased. If someone offered to sell our old things on ebay for a present as they’ve been sat in the garage for three years I’d also be very pleased. It’s about showing our appreciation and love to those we care about in whatever way we can.

So as you listen and watch this brilliant song think about the art of giving and receiving gifts this year – whether you give time, talents or wrapped up presents it doesn’t matter – what you are saying is that you appreciate them and care about them – thats the greatest gift in itself.

Little Drummer Boy





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