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“The way you do anything is the way you do everything”. Unknown

I’ve heard this phrase many times over the last few years since I’ve been working for myself and every time I hear it I think “yes that’s right”. However as we’ve put this subject out as a blog buddies title I’ve thought much more about what it means and how I feel about it.

Is the way I do anything the way I do everything? Am I the same in all circumstances? Do I show the same side of myself wherever I am? And should you do that anyway? Some things we do seem to do the same in all circumstances – I am generally impatient, usually act on my feelings first and then think later and more often than not I on time with my deadlines.

My husband in his ever helpful manner just made a very apt comment as he’s watching me try to write this post which is actually a few weeks late – when talking about the way you do anything is the way you do everything – “like this post you mean?” – hmmm procrastination may be something I do more often than I’m aware of.

Recently I went on a trip to Albania with a team from our local church and we had a brilliant time. One of the lessons I was learning throughout the week was about being myself, letting the real me out. We have so many different facets to who we are and sometimes we hide those traits that we think are not valued. I’m not talking about those less desirable aspects of our characters like our impatience, frustration and anger, but the strengths and gifts we have that for whatever reason we seem to feel will not be valued by others. If you are a leader then lead, if you are creative then create, if you are musical then make music and if you are a comedian then make people laugh! Surely all of those things are needed and valued in the world and if you don’t do them then they will be sorely missed.

There’s also a down side for me in this phrase – the way you do anything is the way you do everything and I may have mentioned this before. I do believe we all have little voices in our heads that hold us back by doing whatever it can to keep us playing small. One of my gremlins is called ‘HARD WORK’ feels like it even needs to be in capitals as it’s all about choosing the hardest path and making a meal of everything. If somethings worth doing it should be as hard as possible otherwise surely it’s too easy. That’s rubbish! Sometimes things can be easy, sometimes I can take the easy option and it all works out ok and sometimes the path of least resistance is the best path to take. Of course this gremlin has served me well in the past – I don’t believe I would have adopted three children without this gremlin – it makes me step out big sometimes when I maybe wouldn’t ordinarily.

So what is my summing up of these ramblings this week? Well I think there are strong traits within us that drive the way we behave and react so that in whatever circumstances the way we do anything is the way we do everything. However there are also times when we need to step back from our patterns of behaviour and ask “is this the way I want to be doing this”, maybe there’s a better, easier, more beneficial way of doing something – and then maybe we can step out of our normal ways of doing things and make a change for good.



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