Keep calm and…..


Sing…..I’ve sung all my life in different places and it’s one of those things that always makes me feel better. Whether I’m disappointed, downcast or disillusioned with life singing somehow makes me feel that there is joy and hope. Sounds quite dramatic as I read it back but I know it’s been true for me. When I was a little girl I apparently sang all the time – I didn’t even know I was singing sometimes and even as an adult in different jobs people have always commented “do you know you’re humming?”.

What is it about singing that has this effect on people? For me it’s the sounds of making great harmonies together with others. The freedom of escaping into someones imagination as well as you sing the lyrics. My husband never listens to lyrics, it’s the music for him. But for me it’s both – I love a great happy, driving tune and I also love clever, sensitive and inspiring lyrics.

I’m part of a choir at the moment working towards a presentation on 27th July nearby. It’s been such a blast practicing with friends but also people I’ve never met before. The songs are great, the choir master is brilliant and it’s just nice to be part of something that I know will bless others when we do perform. Each week when I’ve gone to practice even if I’ve been feeling a bit down or tired it’s lifted my spirits and connected me again to my love of music.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this about music, but of course it may be very different things for each one of you – sport, films, family and being with friends – maybe that’s what keeps you grounded and centred. For me it’s many things some of the list above (except sport) but definitely music – listening to it and singing.

So this week think about what would be your keep calm and…..and do it – don’t only recognise it but make sure you make time to do it. I’ve found that often we know what will help us feel better but we don’t do it….we just plod on with the stress and expect others to help us calm down, but we have a responsibility to do that ourselves. I’m talking to myself here too. I made a promise to myself a few weeks ago that if I was feeling down I would listen to a favourite song – of which I have many, but I’m sorry to say I’ve not always done that. So I’m re-pledging to do that this week.

Here’s a few of my favourites at the moment:-

Louise Petie – Safe and Sound

Keith Urban – Little bit of everything

Rend Collective – My Lighthouse

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