What are you pursuing?

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Sometimes I just don’t want to get out of bed – all day. I’d love to stay hibernating under the covers, maybe watching 8 episodes of Gossip Girl and generally pursuing laziness. But I can’t and why not? Well at least three reasons – my needy children (as all children are) who can’t possibly get themselves out of bed, showered, fed and off to school without me. Then of course there’s the other reason – my husband, who is allergic to laziness – well in me anyway!

I’ve just started a series looking at peace and happiness with some other adoptive Mums. We’re hoping that as we wrestle with this subject of how to be at peace in all areas of our lives that we will find ways to ‘change the things we can change, accept the things we can’t and have the wisdom to know the difference’. With my children very often I can set the temperature and the mood in the house. When I wake up earlier than them, have a cup of tea and some quiet time before they wake up then the morning seems to go hassle free (ish). When I oversleep, they wake me up, we’re rushing around to make lunch and finish homework then its a chaotic time with little peace and happiness for any of us.

I’m convinced that when we make it our intention to do something it usually happens – well there’s more chance of it succeeding anyway. When you just sit back and wait for something to happen it very rarely does. The same is true with the state you want to live in – if you are intentional about building positive relationships with others then they happen, if you’re intentional with spending time with your children then you move whatever needs to move to do that. My intention is to pursue peace….not to just think how nice it would be to find peace with myself and with others, but to actively, intentional build time in my life the time to pursue peace.

There’s many things I’ve had to change in my life since we had our children six years ago. One of them is the art of letting things go and pursuing what will build me and our family up and not bring us down. I know that my tolerance to stress is less than it used to be, or maybe there’s just so much more stress to carry now. With three children, running a business, the daily worries and anxieties we all carry and the baggage from our own insecurities it’s exhausting to carry all that without finding a way to live in peace with our circumstances and lives.

I know for myself a lot of it is about being able to accept where I am and how things are. I’m a person who always wants things to be better – high expectations of myself and others and it has got me into trouble in the past. I’m working on letting things go and living in what is and not worrying about what isn’t. So my pursuit will continue – not of laziness but of peace. That place where I can accept the things I can’t change, but also do what I can to change the things I can and then the rest is up to God.

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