We are both works of art and artists at work

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‘We are both works of art and artists at work’ - Erwin McManus.

I’ve never considered myself to be a creative person – I was rubbish at Art and particularly drawing at school. I envy those people who can create something beautiful from nothing. It’s something I wish I had been gifted with. However as I’ve grown older I’ve come to appreciate that there are different forms of creativity. Music, writing, developing systems and programmes that engage people – there are many ways to be creative and we all have some of that within us. As a Mum I always wanted to be one of those mother earth Mums who bakes and sews and basically creates such an environment for their children that encourages them to be creative too. However that’s not been the case. I’ve tried to cook with them but just get frustrated, and crafts have been a bit of a no go for some time due to my inability to know what to do and to be patient enough to help them.

I do know though that there is something within me that wants to create. As I’ve worked for myself the last seven years I’ve loved the experience of coming up with ideas and being able to make them happen. When you first deliver a training course that you created, or look at that first copy of a published book or have that first telephone conversation on a new coaching programme – all give me that thrill of actually making a difference – being able to contribute in some way to those around me gives me a great sense of well being.

And as a Mum maybe that’s important too. To be able to show my children that making a difference counts and being satisfied with what you can offer the world is a great place to be – whatever it is we do. I want them to know that whatever they decide to do as a job, as long as they are happy and feel that sense of well being at helping others then I’ll think my job was well done.

It’s hard sometimes to see ourselves as works of art. I know because I believe in a creator God that we are all wonderfully made. The media and society tells us how dissatisfied we must be with ourselves – we’re too fat, too thin, too brainy, too stupid, too poor or too rich – there’s always someone telling us we should be something or someone else. I’m sick of listening to those voices actually. I want to hear the voice that says I am a work of Art – that who I am and what I do matters. As an adoptive parent sometimes that can be hard as there’s so much guilt and judgement in this world, always someone who knows better how we should raise our children. A lot of the guilt comes from ourselves, our own sense of failure at not being the parent we wanted to be. But you know I’m learning that I am the right parent for my children. Daily there are times I get things wrong and there are those moments when I get things right and they are brilliant moments.

So whether you consider yourself to be creative or not – today remind yourself that you are an artist at work (however that expresses itself) and you are also a work of art yourself. We are in the right place, with the right people, doing the right thing. Of course if you don’t feel that you are – then could you do something to change that? If not, then find those moments when everything goes well and concentrate on those moments and celebrate them. Sometimes they may seem like tiny moments but they all matter!

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